King-Shivell Gallery to host “Undertake Overshot,” an exhibition by Lauren L. Salazar

Visiting artist Lauren L. Salazar will be on campus Thursday, Oct. 14 for the opening of her new gallery exhibition.  

The exhibition, “Undertake Overshot,” features handwoven textiles installed into frames, turning the cloths into sculptures. Through this process, traditionally overlooked creations are elevated to the status of fine art, “forcing them to be seen for their abstract glory,” as Salazar explains on her website.  

Salazar has a Bachelor of Fine Art degree with a painting concentration from the University of North Carolina—Greensboro and a Master of Fine Art in Studio Art from the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill. She has displayed her work in both solo and group exhibitions in locations such as Hooks-Epstein Galleries in Houston, Texas and Artlink Contemporary Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  

“Lauren’s work places the histories of weaving and textiles in conversation with that of abstract painting,” said Assistant Professor of Communication Arts and Design Michael Iauch. “Her pieces are full of contrasting themes—delicate and tense, gestural and intricate. Her body of work demonstrates a dedication that we try to promote in our students.” 

The Communication Arts and Design faculty are hosting a reception to open the exhibition at noon in the King-Shivell Gallery. “Undertake Overshot” will be displayed through January 2022.  

By Emily WebbOctober 13, 2021