Title II Report

Title II Institutional Report on the Quality of Teacher Preparation 

This information is being provided in compliance with the federal Title II Higher Education Act. For licensure pass rate data, visit the Student Achievement webpage


Praxis Data | 2018–19

Program Admission Test Data Averages (reflecting changes due to additional CORE testing score additions and changes):

Praxis I-Reading - 174
Praxis I-Writing - 167
Praxis I-Math - 162

GPA - 3.76

Average number of hours per week required of student participation in supervised teaching: 40

Total number of required weeks of supervised student teaching: 16

Total number of hours required: 640

The Teacher Education program is approved/accredited by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI).

Special Characteristics

Distance learning teacher education programs are identified by Lees-McRae College as one of its six "Flagship Programs." This designation reflects the college's respect for and commitment to dedicating long-term resources to the Teacher Education department through continued development and expansion of vigorous licensure programs. The Lees-McRae Teacher as Reflective Practitioner conceptual framework and candidate exit criteria are currently aligned with the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards. The Teacher as Reflective Practitioner is a broad, all-encompassing framework that includes mentoring as a relevant and significant aspect of reflective practice. The Reflective Practitioner framework merges reflection on theory and practice and is consistent with current research. Faculty members are knowledgeable in all areas of the teacher education program, competent in their respective skills, and supportive of students and colleagues role models of reflective teaching. The Lees-McRae program demonstrates best practices in effective teaching, demonstrated by the addition of a course in assessment and a course in differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all learners. By an overwhelming majority, program graduates express confidence and satisfaction in the level of preparation they receive in the Lees-McRae College Teacher Education department. Employers continue to be positive toward the work of program graduates as indicated by the hiring of many graduates in the schools where they performed their directed student teaching experience.

Top 10 School Systems Employing Lees-McRae Teacher Education (all programs) Graduates in North Carolina in 2018–19

School District Number of Teachers Graduated from Lees-McRae
Surry County Schools 140
Burke County Schools 82
Wilkes County Schools 43
Avery County Schools 36
County Schools
Yadkin County Schools 34
Stokes County Schools 30
McDowell County Schools 23
Mount Airy City Schools 21
Caldwell County Schools 19