Alumni Association and Alumni Board

The Lees-McRae Alumni Association includes more than 7,000 graduates and former students. Association members play a vital role in fostering support for every aspect of Lees-McRae, from fundraising to recruiting prospective students.

Lifetime members include all graduates and former students who successfully completed at least two semesters and left the college in good standing.

The annual meeting of the Alumni Association is held each year during Homecoming.

Alumni Association mission:

  • To continue the ties and bonds of college days
  • To maintain interest in and support for the activities of our alma mater
  • To function as a public relations organization between Lees-McRae and the community
  • To encourage patronage and to seek every available opportunities for promoting the welfare of the college along all lines of activity and development

Alumni Board

Executive Committee
President: Deena Powell Chambers ’75
Vice President: Talia Lee Freeman ’06
President Elect: Gail Miller ’72
Secretary: Cassie Messer Herre ’13

Lee Ball ’93
Ed Boynton ’78
Caroline Brown ’13
David Burke ’72
Christy Blair Chenausky ’99
Charles Dickerson ’75
Jim Hart ’13
Morgan Beck Herdklotz ’93
David Huckabee ’72
Susan Jaeger ’13
Donna Mason ’78
Martha McAfee ’86
Sarah McGuire ’16
Gary T. Moss, Jr. ’99
Sharon Gray Nelson ’11
Rick Owen ’00
Joelle-Sara Prata ’11
Charles Dane Robinson ’10
Natalie Cannon Secrest ’00
Josh Simcox ’06