Barnes and Noble First Day Complete Textbook Program

Lees-McRae College participates in an all-inclusive textbook rental program. Offered through Barnes and Noble, the First Day Complete program ensures that all students have the required textbooks and course materials by the first day of class with an average cost savings of 47%.

How the Program Works

At the start of the semester, main campus students pick up a package of required textbooks and course materials at the campus bookstore. These books are pre-selected and packaged based on courses for which students are registered. Books are used by students throughout the semester and returned to the bookstore by the deadline at the end of the semester.

Online/distance students receive their books directly through the mail. Returns are made in the same way with a provided postage-free label which is emailed to the student.

Barnes and Noble will maintain a surplus inventory in the campus bookstore. Main campus students can exchange or add books as needed directly through the bookstore. Online/distance students can exchange or add books through direct mail or the bookstore, whichever is more convenient to the student.