To live up to its storied history and to create a vibrant future, the college will strive for excellence in all operations. All employees will strive for excellence in their work, upholding shared values, as they serve student needs and accomplish the institution’s mission and priorities.

Core Strategy Team: Blaine Hansen, Jon Kokos, Craig McPhail*, Kevin Phillips* (*Co-leaders)

Priority Initiatives

  1. Develop a commitment to a culture that expects continuous improvement and assessment.
    • Establish an academic assessment protocol that is iterative, grounded upon the student learning outcomes, and is routinely used to make decisions to improve instruction and student learning in courses and programs.
    • Establish an appropriate assessment protocol for all units of the college.
    • Establish an Institutional Effectiveness Advisory Committee which uses assessment data and results to continuously make decisions to improve the college’s operations, programs, and which is aligned with the college’s Core Strategies.
    • Develop a robust set of KPIs and targets that will help assess programmatic success and improvement.

  2. Fund professional and leadership opportunities for staff and faculty in order to invest in their expertise and excellence, thereby improving the college’s excellence.
    • Support and develop the Center for Teaching and Learning.
    • Support faculty professional development in their disciplines (including support for undergraduate research) and in their leadership roles, as appropriate.
    • Support staff professional development through Human Resources programming as well as through the expertise of others.

  3. Offer competitive compensation for faculty and staff that are consistent with living in the High Country and that allow the college to attract and retain first-choice applicants.

  4. Develop and codify hallmarks of a Lees-McRae colleague.

  5. Expect, recognize, and assess excellence in each area of the college.

  6. Increase equity and diversity among faculty, staff, and student body to prepare students for a 21st century world.

  7. Develop and maintain an information technology and institutional technology framework that will provide high levels of security and that will support a 21st-century campus.
Excellence KPI

Central to the success of the strategic plan is regular and recursive assessment and evaluation of the Priority Initiatives and their contributions to the Core Strategies. To ensure accountability and optimization, each Priority Initiative will be measured against Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and analyzed for progress towards defined targets. 


    Student Excellence Metrics

    • Student overall evaluation of quality of academic courses
    • Student overall evaluation of quality of student life
    • Annual expenditures on IT per FTE student

    Professional Development Metrics

    • Number of sessions
    • Number faculty (full-time and part-time) participating
    • Number staff (full-time and part-time) participating
    • Percent of faculty and staff participating

    Human Resources Metrics

    • Number of first choice hires
    • Percent of faculty and staff leaving college this year (turnover)
    • Proportion of faculty with terminal degrees
    • Number awards (students, faculty, staff)