Marketing (minor)

In order to learn how to effectively market to your future customers, you have to start at the beginning—with the consumers themselves. Marketing doesn’t have to be a tangible product, either. It can be a physical product, a service, a brand, or even yourself. In combination with your chosen major, a minor in Marketing can provide the ability to understand both ends of the marketing relationship—you and your consumer. You’ll understand the businesses’ role in meeting society’s needs and demands, and how to apply your original ideas into real-world practice. You’ll have opportunities to plan strategic, creative communications in order to engage and involve your consumer and break through the marketing clutter. In one simplified program, you’ll establish a strong foundation in target marketing, research, social media, sales, small business, and consumer behavior. By developing skills in these areas, you will not only become marketable for yourself, but a more effective marketer in the rapid world around you. 

What You'll Study

Critical Thought: In order to prompt change in the global marketing environment, you have to acquire the critical thinking skills needed to break through the barriers and think outside of the box. Creative and critical analysis together will prepare you to do just that.

Marketing Concepts: Before you can bend or break the rules, you have to have a strong foundation in the basic and foundational concepts and laws revolving around marketing practices. You’ll complete work and research that will give you a comprehensive understanding of the use and importance of proper marketing in your chosen field.

Communication: Regardless of what you’re selling, developing strong communication skills is paramount to successful marketing. You’ll have the chance to practice conveying marketing concepts, strategies, ideas, and opinions in a precise and strategic manner. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to do so in a wide variety of audiences—developing you into a clear communicator in a wide array of situations.

Collaboration and Professionalism: In most cases in your career, you’ll be working on a team. Big or small, you need to know how to collaborate—blend various ideas and strengths together—to achieve, a larger, more complex, goal. Together with attributes in professionalism, you’ll promote effective individual and group relationships for the purpose of professional business success in groups big or small.  

Ethics: Ethics play a large role in how humans interact with one another and the world around them. Understanding ethics as they apply to marketing situations can help better connect you with your consumers market. Remember, the more connected you are to your consumer, the better chance you have in identifying their needs and developing a product for their lives. 

After Graduation

A minor in Marketing will strengthen and complement your chosen major with the essential understanding of marketing and sales—which is shown to be a significant and useful tool in a large portion of today’s expending career world. 

Meet the Faculty

Kat Oglietti, MBA
Program Coordinator and Instructor of Business Administration

Amy Anderson, MBA
Program Coordinator for Online Business Administration, Senior Instructor

Joseph Walsh, MBA
Scheduling Coordinator and Senior Instructor for Business Administration

Glen Weaver, DM
Associate Professor of Business Administration

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