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Inspired by the mission, vision, and strategic goals of our college, we are dedicated to preparing holistic, professional nurses who promote excellence in care and life-long learning. As the next generation of nursing leaders, our students will discover, disseminate and apply evidence-based knowledge to facilitate the health and well-being of those in our local, regional and global communities. Our graduates will be prepared to be critical, creative and collaborative decision makers in diverse healthcare environments. 


The Lees-McRae Department of Nursing will continually strive to provide a holistic, scholarly, technology-driven curriculum that engages and benefits the community and global society. 


The Lees-McRae Department of Nursing values a holistic, evidence-based approach to advancing the art and science of nursing.  These values are pursued through foundational knowledge, cooperative and experiential learning, global and community engagement, scholarship, and personal and professional development. 


Deliver exceptional academic programs

  • Recruit high-quality students, including students from under-represented groups
  • Promote student engagement and success through personalized advising, mentoring and career guidance with special focus on retention
  • Support innovative teaching methods to engage students and reward excellence 
  • Continuous quality improvement of the curriculum to meet the demands of practice
  • Provide the foundation for graduate education 

Incorporate the collaborative core of foundational knowledge into the nursing curriculum

  • Continue to facilitate excellence in oral and written communication
  • Integrate knowledge from the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences into the nursing curriculum
  • Enhance the core curriculum based on trended data and outcomes 

Foster an environment of cooperative and experiential learning

  • Prepare students to deliver high-quality, safe, evidence-based, patient centered care
  • Provide students with high-impact, high-quality, interdisciplinary collaborative clinical experiences
  • Integrate informatics and leadership throughout the curriculum
  • Work with collaborative disciplines in the delivery of professional care 

Provide global and community engagement opportunities

  • Facilitate student involvement with health promotion and maintenance and initiatives
  • Explore international health delivery opportunities 
  • Participate in patient and community educational outreach programs locally, regionally, and nationally
  • Instill service learning opportunities into the nursing curriculum
  • Mentor students to be socially responsible , culturally aware advocates 

Enhance scholarship activities

  • Improve financial assistance for students 
  • Participate in evidence-based, interdisciplinary research
  • Form regional healthcare partnerships
  • Promote and provide continuing education opportunities to local healthcare providers \\

Support personal and professional development

  • Instill an appreciation for life-long learning, scholarship, and service that promotes personal and professional growth
  • Provide a curriculum that fosters leadership, professionalism, and ethics
  • Engage with our healthcare partners in the evaluation of quality improvement initiatives that promote the delivery of safe and effective care
  • Provide students the opportunity to understand the impact of healthcare law, economics, and policy
  • Offer continuing education opportunities locally, regionally, and nationally