Psychology is the scientific study of behavior, thought and emotion. Psychology is an extremely broad discipline, involving areas as diverse as biology and philosophy. The field includes areas such as social (the influence of groups on individuals), developmental (issues related to childhood and the aging process), abnormal (unusual or maladaptive behavior) and cognitive (thought, language and perception) psychology.

Our psychology program is designed to provide you with exposure to the many different fields of psychology. You'll learn problem-solving techniques through the program’s focus on research and analysis of human behavior in experimental research and statistics courses.

A liberal arts emphasis provides you with the opportunity to study psychology and its relationships with other fields such as sociology, philosophy and biology. At the same time, the student-faculty ratio and the focus on experimental methods allow you to formulate and test your own ideas about human behavior. In addition, Lees-McRae College provides you with unique internship opportunities in a rural, Appalachian setting.


Take the courses that most interest you; 58% of the psychology major course requirements are elective  

The median pay for psychologists is $72, 580 and the field is projected to grow much faster than average (U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) studied psychology and computer science at Harvard

What You'll Study

Within the psychology program, you'll take a variety of interesting courses! Learn about abnormal psychology, including the origins, symptoms and treatment of mental disorders. Study attitudes and behaviors associated with courtships and romantic relationships. Dig into the scientific study of the relationship between brain and behavior. Examine the classification and impact on behavior of psychoactive drugs.

Beyond the Classroom

All psychology majors are required to complete an internship. Psychology internships allow you to gain experience in fields or working with populations that may be related to career fields of interest. Examples of the wide range of internship experiences available: Children's Hope Alliance, Banner Elk Elementary School, New Opportunity School for Women, Banner Elk Winery. Internships are also available working with doctors, lawyers, therapists and other professionals.

After Graduation

Common Career Areas

Psychology majors go on to a wide range of careers. With a degree in psychology, students will be prepared to enter a variety of industries, common fields being business, social service, and education. If an individual chooses to stay in the field of psychology, this program will set them up for success in applying to a variety of graduate programs in the field.

Career information is provided through Vault and O'Net. Current Lees-McRae students can see the full results on Vault using their student email and password. 

Alumni Success

Unit Supervisor Children's Hope Alliance (formerly Grandfather Home for Children)
Social Work Graduate Student University of Southern California
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Graduate Student University of North Georgia
Industrial/Organizational Psychology Graduate Student North Carolina State University
Counseling Graduate Student Appalachian State University
Social Psychology Graduate Student Lehigh University
Education Graduate Student University of Texas at Austin
Social Work Graduate Student University of South Carolina

Meet the Faculty

James Carson, PhD
Psychology Program Coodinator, Professor of Psychology

Sue Hart, PhD 
Associate Professor of Psychology

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