Pet-friendly Campus

Lees-McRae is a pet-friendly campus, with faculty and staff members encouraged to bring pets to work. Students have the privilege of bringing their family pet to live in certain residence halls. Students can apply for the program through the Student Affairs Office. 

It is the purpose of the Lees-McRae College Pet Council (LMCPC) to provide a safe environment for members of the Lees-McRae College community, and to protect, maintain and regulate the pet ownership privilege enjoyed by members of the community. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to protect the rights of all students as well as the physical beauty of the campus. The Pet Policy provides the guidelines by which this can be accomplished. By bringing a pet to campus, the student has indicated an understanding of the policy and has agreed to the conditions and penalties therein. Every pet owner is encouraged to consider carefully the advantages and disadvantages of the campus environment for his/her individual pet.

Pet Policy

Pet or Domestic Animal Registration Form

Verification Form for Housing Accommodations

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