Sue McGuire


Undergraduate from ASU
Kellogg Institute
Masters in Higher Ed/Developmental Ed

Professional Achievements

I have recently finished my Master's degree in Developmental Higher Education to enable me to be a more productive and effective teacher and advisor.  

Institutional Service and Responsibilities

I am the Director of Tutoring Services which includes: hiring and training tutors, establishing the tutoring schedule and assisting students in finding the tutor that can best help them with their specific needs.

I am an FYS teacher which includes: assisting incoming freshmen as they settle into college, teach and help students establish productive and effective study skills, introduce CORE - what is it and why do you need it? as well as the requirements of their chosen major.

Adviser which includes assisting students in understanding what is required of them to graduate with their chosen degree, assist them as they choose classes for the next semester and ensure they understand where they stand in fulfilling LMC's requirements.  

Personal Interests

I love baking, crafting, sewing, spending time with my family and being active in my church.