Student Accounts

The Office of Student Accounts processes tuition bills, collects payments, and handles inquiries regarding the third-party tuition payment plan. Payments for tuition and fees must be received by the published payment deadline, prior to the start of each semester.

Students are permitted to attend classes with any of the following:

  • Zero balance on their student account
  • Pending financial aid (as shown on the student account) in excess of the amount due
  • Successful enrollment in a Nelnet Campus Commerce payment plan
  • Written verification from a third party (such as Veterans Benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation, prepaid plans, tuition exchange, etc.) of payment in full

Failure to pay by the stated deadline will result in:

  • Withdrawal from classes by the Office of the Registrar
  • Cancellation of assigned housing
  • Ineligibility to receive college services, including official student transcripts

Payment Deadlines

  • Fall Term: July 1
  • Spring Term: December 1
  • Summer Term: First day of classes for each session

For classes that do not begin at the start of the semester, the payment deadline is the first day the class meets.

If additional charges are incurred after the payment deadline that result in a balance due, payment is required immediately.

Charges incurred after the completion of the semester (residence hall damage fee, unreturned books, parking fines, etc.) are due by the payment deadline of the next semester.

Payment Methods

The college makes use of paperless billing for student accounts. Billing and account information is available via Montibus. For assistance in Montibus, refer to these tutorials.


    Pay Online

    Secure online payments can be made by e-Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express through Montibus.
    • A 2.7% convenience fee applies to payments made using a credit card.
    • e-Check uses your checking account routing and account information to send payment.
    • There is no convenience fee applied to payments made by e-Check.
    • Credit card and e-Check payments are only accepted online and cannot be accepted in person, by phone, or by mail.

    How to review your account activity and view or print a billing statement:
    • Log in to Montibus
    • Choose "Student Finance"
    • Choose "Account Activity"
    • Choose "View Statement"

    How to make a payment online:
    1. Log in to Montibus
    2. Choose "Student Finance"
    3. Choose "Make a Payment"

    Payment Plan

    For convenience, students and families can pay their semester expenses on a monthly basis as an alternative to traditional lump-sum payments. This service is provided through Nelnet Campus Commerce.

    Learn more and enroll

    By Mail

    Tuition and fee payments by check or money order can be mailed to:
    Lees-McRae College
    Attn: Student Accounts
    PO Box 128
    Banner Elk, NC 28604

    Payments mailed are not considered received until posted to your account.

    Please see our Check Acceptance Policy to ensure proper credit to your account. To protect your financial security, we cannot accept credit card payments by mail.

    In Person

    Tuition and fee payments can be made in person using cash, check, or money order at the Office of Student Accounts, located in Business Affairs. Credit cards are only accepted online and not accepted in person.

    Hours of operation are Monday–Friday from 8 a.m.–1 p.m. and 2–5 p.m. (summer hours vary)

    Apply Financial Aid (Scholarships, Loans, Grants)

    Financial aid will automatically apply to your student account once you have completed all financial aid requirements. You can view your current financial aid award information and status in Montibus. Please refer to the Refund Policy for information regarding financial aid refunds.

    The Office of Financial Aid will assist you with any questions related to how financial aid is awarded and/or applied to your student account.

    College Savings Plans/529 Plans

    All plans are different, so contact your plan administrator to understand how funds are issued, the disbursement timeline and requirements, etc.

    Once registered for classes, a student’s Account Statement is immediately available in Montibus:
    • Download and send a copy of your statement to your plan administrator immediately.
    • Please have your Savings Plan disbursement check mailed directly to the Student Account Office.
    • If your payment will not be received by the payment deadline, contact Student Accounts to make other payment arrangements. Failure to meet payment deadlines may result in deregistration from classes.
    • We encourage you to consider sending your payment with tracking and/or delivery confirmation.
    • Check your student account balance frequently to see if/when the payment has been applied.
    • For more information on College Savings or 529 Plan payments, contact the Office of Student Accounts.

    Prepaid College Plans

    Submit Information regarding Prepaid College Plan Funds by email to

    If your payment will not be received by the payment deadline, contact Student Accounts to make other payment arrangements. Failure to meet payment deadlines may result in deregistration from classes.

    The Office of Student Accounts will directly invoice your prepaid college plan provider once final semester billing is complete (after the first week of classes).

    Outside Scholarships

    If you have been awarded a scholarship from a source other than Lees-McRae College, please mail or email your offer letter to the Office of Financial Aid:
    Lees-McRae College
    Attn: Office of Financial Aid
    PO Box 128
    Banner Elk, NC 28604

    Once funds are received, please mail the scholarship check to:
    Lees-McRae College
    Attn: Office of Student Accounts
    PO Box 128
    Banner Elk, NC 28604

    Outside Scholarships will not appear as pending financial aid on the student's account until the scholarship offer letter is received by the Office of Financial Aid.

    Outside scholarships can be remitted through domestic electronic funds transfer. Please send an email request to for wiring instructions. Be sure to include the student’s name and student ID number.

    International Payments with PayMyTuition

    Lees-McRae College has partnered with PayMyTuition for international tuition payments. With PayMyTuition, you can pay your tuition payments from any bank, in any country in any currency at better than bank exchange rates. PayMyTuition is fast, simple, and cost-effective.


    Additional Information on PayMyTuition

    How to Make a Payment
    View the step-by-step guides below.


    PayMyTuition Customer Support

    Call 1.855.663.6839 (toll-free) or through one of their local country contact numbers. You can also reach PayMyTuition Support at or through their support page.

    No matter what time zone you are in, you will have a dedicated customer support team available to you through live chat, email, and phone to answer any of your questions and help you make your payment.


    Domestic ACH/Wire Transfer

    Lees-McRae College accepts domestic electronic funds transfer payments. For wiring instructions, please send an email request to Be sure to include the student’s name and student ID number.


Contact the Student Accounts Manager at or 828.898.8759.