Alumni Spotlight: Krista Lyle ’10

August 12, 2015

What is your favorite memory from Lees-McRae College?

I do not have one specific memory of Lees-McRae that is my favorite. Instead I have many! I fondly remember days out at the Field Station for Dr. Skeate’s biology classes with Buckeye, Dr. Skeate’s dog, disappearing into the bushes along the trail only to come back carrying a branch twice the size of himself. Needless to say, fetch was an interesting event. Other memories include sledding down Tate Lawn and building snowmen in front of the residence halls with my friends or taking shifts at the Wildlife Center working with the ambassador animals.

One of the great experiences Lees-McRae afforded me was the opportunity to travel to New Zealand and Belize. The stories and memories I gained from these trips hold a special place in my college experience and could never be replaced.

Can you attribute any of your current success to your time at Lees-McRae College?

The advantage of attending a small and diverse institution like Lees-McRae is that you create relationships with individuals of varying backgrounds. Those relationships provided me the ability to work with and for individuals of different personalities and perspectives with confidence. The dedication and drive expected of students at Lees-McRae were attributes that transitioned into my post graduate life and has allowed me to excel in my career.

What advice would you give to current LMC students?

I would advise current LMC students to begin networking NOW. Invest time in gaining real world work experience through internships, volunteer work and part time/summer jobs in the field you want to work. With these experiences you gain two very important things, applicable work experience and the creation of relationships with individuals in your field. The network you assemble now provides a foundation to build from after graduation.

Why do you feel it is important to give back to LMC?

Many Lees-McRae students receive additional funding from the school to help them afford the college experience. I was no different. I feel giving to the Lees-McRae Fund is one way I can “pay-it-forward” to another student wishing to have the same opportunity. Each time I visit the mountains, I make it a point to visit Lees-McRae and reconnect with my teachers and the wonderful staff. It’s like coming home for me. This past July I visited the college and walked the campus to see all of the changes that have occurred since my exit in 2010. To say the least, I was blown away at all of the positive changes that have occurred to the campus and programs. It is through alumni, friends and families giving to Lees-McRae that changes are made possible.

What are you currently doing? 

I currently work for the Wake County Public School System in the Data and Accountability Department as a Testing Technician. In September, it will mark my second full year in this role and I could not be happier. I work with the best group of people each day! We’re like a dysfunctional family! This past February, I purchased my first home. I love having my own space to put my own stamp on. I am also currently enrolled in a two year Advertising and Graphic Design program at Wake Technical Community College.

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