Alumnus of the Month: Shela Moffett-Fabri ’93

March 10, 2015

Playing soccer for four years is Shela Moffett-Fabri’s favorite memory from her days at Lees-McRae. “I was a part of the first group to play all four years. We called ourselves the Fab Five (Allison McDonald Norris, Jeanne Cobbe (JC), Karen VanWert and Julia Callerman-Fullwood). I’ll never forget the National Tournament where we played soccer during Hurricane Hugo. Then, on our return home from the tournament, LMC had its first snow. Seeing the Florida players was a sight, playing in the snow in shorts.”

Shela credits being at Lees-McRae for making her a stronger, more independent person. “It helped me strive to do my best regardless of what I’m about to face.”

Her advice for current students is to be the best you can be, take what you have learned and shine everywhere you go. “The friendships you make can last a lifetime. The memories of LMC and its surroundings will always keep you smiling. The beauty of LMC is what made my college decision. It will always have a place in my heart.”

She also feels giving back to LMC helps those who are there now. “I know times are hard, but it’s the little things that count; even if it’s hard, find a way. Sometimes giving back means support by money, but it can also be by supporting them by returning to the alumni festivities and cheering on your team.”

Shela currently lives in Tennessee and has been married 19 years to Keith Fabri. “I have an amazing husband who is my rock. In August, I was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer (which spread to my lung, liver and lymph nodes) and my husband has been a trooper for my family. I have a little boy, Augee, and he is nine years old and all boy! I have two step children in their twenties and two step grandchildren (Alex, 8 and Christian, 6 months).”

“I own Rion Flowers & Gifts and have coached soccer since I left LMC in ’93. I strive to be at work every day to show everyone cancer will not beat me. It is important to be strong for those around me, especially my family and my players. When I go to treatment, my goal is to bring a smile to someone else or be there to talk to them. Prayers and a positive attitude have gotten me through things so far. My last scan shows almost all of the cancer is gone & I will be participating in my second Colon Cancer run in August.”

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