Lees-McRae’s Nerd Club Gaming Association to compete on the collegiate level

January 30, 2015

Lees-McRae’s newly formed Nerd Club Gaming Association’s (NCGA) League of Legends team garnered 4th place in its first tournament, competing against 32 teams and earning Riot Points used for in game content. The formation of the collegiate League of Legends team, created by the Vice President of Nerd Club Paul Scherer, has set a new standard for pursuing competitive gaming passions at Lees-McRae.

A branch of Nerd Club, the NCGA focuses solely on gaming and the enjoyment of Esports. Its first competitive collegiate team, League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game where players assume the role of a “Champion” with distinctive abilities. In a 5v5 format, players battle it out testing their skills and will power as they strive for victory.  

Head coach and captain of the collegiate team, Scherer embraced several hallmarks that have remained with him since his freshman year – exercise leadership and positive self-esteem, appreciate diversity and actively strive to collaborate with others. Scherer’s leadership qualities and dedication to the team demonstrate that of a true Bobcat.

With the diversity of the team’s members ranging from wildlife biology, biology, athletic training and sport administration, the members of NCGA’s league team have bonded over this common interest in Esports.

After the recent approval of the team’s proposal to download League of Legends on six campus computers, the number continues to rise with five more computers being added. Members of the team, and others interested, are now able to practice together and discuss strategies and analysis.    

Collegiate gaming has become a rapidly growing competitive scene bringing in millions worldwide to watch pro teams strive for domination. The NCGA is now working to bring awareness to a new form of sports that is growing every day.

They hope to continue their success by competing in weekly tournaments and eventually moving to a more competitive collegiate level. The Nerd Club and NCGA hope to offer a place for Lees-McRae students to not only elevate their future, but also stay true to the club’s slogan, “Level Up Your Experience.”

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NCGA Team Members (left to right): Josh Soto, Gabriel Rivera, Paul Scherer (Captain), Jordan Meyer, Dustin Longstreet (Co-Captain), featuring team mascot, Heracles