Alumni Spotlight: Danny Marquardt ’06

March 23, 2016

What is your favorite memory from Lees-McRae College and can you attribute any of your current success to your time at Lees-McRae?

My favorite memory pertaining to my scholastic experience at Lees-McRae would have to be working with Bradley Huff, an ATC (Athletic Trainer Certified) on and off the field, but especially with one of the soccer players who had a knee surgery and was undergoing rehabilitation. It ties in directly with the second question because it was during those few days that I learned how to be confident with what I was doing. I grew a bunch those days thanks to Mr. Huff's guidance, advice and patience. This confidence gave me the ability to work in physical therapy (hands-on) in a chiropractic setting for two years, while maintaining a decent reputation with the patients.

What advice would you give to current Lees-McRae students?

The advice I would give to current students is to not focus so much on where you are or the status of everything you're involved in. Rather, think about what you really want and realize that Lees-McRae is a very good first step to get you there. Cherish this time and don't waste it just like your parents said. I have to say it now, mine were right! Also, and I can't stress this enough, be on time! Right now, you're building a network that you will definitely utilize in your future, whether its friends, teachers, references, or prospective employers. Simply being on time tells them that you care about them. It's sad to say that I paid for that mistake for far too long.

Why do you feel it is important to give back to Lees-McRae?

I feel it's important to give back to LMC because without the support of everyone involved in my eventual graduation, I may never have been able to do the amazing things I've done over the years. That is to say, what they have done for me, I'm hoping they can do for many more students to come. I support that for sure.

What are you currently doing?

Currently, I'm riding my bicycle around the world, and am sitting in a hotel in Southern Myanmar writing this. I saved money from an English teaching job in South Korea to fund myself for the next couple years. As the nature of this gig is to keep moving, I am single and have no kids yet. I live in a tent sometimes, and stay in hostels, hotels, or families' homes the rest of the time. When I'm finished, I have already planned to start a career and possibly continue to live abroad. Seeing the world has certainly added a new perspective on life, but I always think that it couldn't have happened without Lees-McRae.

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