Honors students travel back in time

November 14, 2016

Honors students at Renaissance Festival

On Saturday, November 5, 13 honors students traveled to the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Huntersville, North Carolina.

The festival, which spans the month of October and well into November, gives visitors the chance to experience a slice of 16th century life.

“History comes alive with non-stop, day long entertainments, arts and crafts, games and rides, jousting knights on horseback and so much more!” according to the Carolina Renaissance Festival website.

Led by Honors Program Director, Ken Craig, 13 students traveled to the all-day event.

“(The trip) was not only a way for students to learn more about the renaissance, but it was also a way for them to have fun and de-stress,” Craig said.

Mary Whiteacre and Tariana Nguyen, both sophomore honors class representatives, were two of the several students that partook in the days’ festivities.

“It was incredible to walk through the gates and be instantly transported to this completely different world of elaborate costumes, bright colors, lively music, and magical characters,” Whiteacre said.

Whitacre’s favorite part of the day?

That would have to be jousting.

“(It) was unbelievably exciting,” she said.

For Nguyen, her favorite part was that the trip location was chosen by the honors students.

“(Craig) really values student input and this is just one instance where he took our suggestions and listened to what we wanted for the honors program,” she said.

Though the knights in shining armor was certainly a highlight for Nguyen, “We also took part in archery and ax throwing,” something she had never done before.

“I can now say I have thrown an ax and shot a bow and arrow,” she said. “Both in very poor attempts, but exciting nonetheless.”

For Craig, the honors program—and the nearly 98 students that encompass it— is an integral part of Lees-McRae and beyond.

“Our honor students make valuable contributions to the life of our campus,” Craig said.  “They are fine role models. They lift the standards of achievement – both in the classroom and beyond – and help all students strive to reach their potential.”

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