A new era of Lees-McRae Athletics

August 07, 2017

We are Bobcats
—Lees-McRae is our foundation, our home and where we are inspired to succeed—it is in all of us, and it is who we are.

Over the years, Lees-McRae never stopped progressing and when faced with setbacks and challenges we arise higher and stronger than ever before.

When it came time to reimagine our athletics logo, we knew we needed something that honored our heritage, recognized who we are now and prepared us for our tomorrow.

Above all, the logo had to be undeniably Lees-McRae.

We embarked on a journey to identify more closely with our brand—something that could not be achieved with our former athletics logo featuring a bobcat paw.

We all know that Lees-McRae is more than the highest elevated campus east of the Mississippi River. We are the generations before us, our noble alumni, our hard-working students who bring determination and new perspective to our campus, and the Bobcats to come who will lead us through the days ahead.

Our past, present and our limitless future.


It wasn't until the mid-’60s when Don Baker, alumnus, former athletics administrator and coach, placed pencil to paper and gave a once nameless bobcat his identity.

That is when the world first met Wily the Bobcat.

Wild like his real-world role model, Wily the Bobcat is cleverly skilled, determined and adaptable. Little compared to lions and tigers, this intrepid character never lets size affect the ability to compete.

It’s not the size of the bobcat in the fight, it's the fight in the bobcat.

Lees-McRae heritage is rich in those same elements—a small campus community moving mountains and achieving things beyond the norm.

The personality traits given to Wily and embodied by our student athletes, would be the foundation of today’s newly designed logo.

By combining the original sketches developed by Don Baker, with sleek lines and a modern typeface, the new logo would be a 21st century revival of a Lees-McRae classic.



The new logo should reflect what we—as students, athletes, faculty and staff—already know about ourselves and our core values.

It was important to consider design trends when developing the athletics logo—strategically considering how the new design would represent us now and moving into the future.

The redesign needed to demonstrate our resolve and discipline in a way that would not only motivate our athletes and students but invite others to join the Bobcat way of life.


Using our official colors—green and gold—and a singular element, the logo design tells the world what to expect from the moment they see us.

A nod to the past, the hat represents the actions taken by previous generations to pave the way for our exploration and growth.

Steadfast and focused, the eyes of Wily the Bobcat show the determination and passion we bring to the game.

Forward leaning and combining traditional serif and sans-serif elements, the font strikes a balance between the old and new.

Bridging more than 100 years of tradition, commitment and innovation, the design tells the story of us all—who we have been and who we will always be.

Welcome to the new era of Lees-McRae College Athletics.

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