Buxton visits Mabel Elementary School to celebrate Presidents Day

February 21, 2017

In a bright, mural-covered library amidst several-dozen Mabel Elementary School students on Monday, February 20, President Buxton, alongside Appalachian State University Chancellor Sheri Everts and Caldwell Community College President Mark Poarch, talked about his career as president and answered questions in honor of Presidents Day.

The three leaders of some of Western North Carolina’s schools were guided by student-moderators–taking turns talking about their leadership journey and any challenges they faced along the way.

Some of the questions addressed their educational upbringing, their favorite part about being a leader of a school and how many years it took them to reach their current positions.

Buxton discussed the importance of personal growth, living within one’s means and turning opportunities into actions.

When asked about some of his goals for the college, he responded by highlighting the importance of intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.

We are always learning, Buxton said.

“I myself continue to grow emotionally and in all the other categories,” he added.

He added that one of the main functions of his role as president was to continuously remind students to ask themselves the “big questions.”

“What can I do with these opportunities [I am receiving in college]? How can this better people and the world around me?” he said.

At the end of the hour-long event, students had the opportunity to sit and talk with the leaders. Many of them receiving hugs from their role models as well as words of encouragement. 
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