Making the most of your college visit

March 07, 2017

Vice President of Enrollment Management Erin Healey appeared on WJHL Daytime Tri-Cities’ “Daytime Discovers” on Friday, March 3 to share her tips for a successful college visit.

“While some area students may be hitting the beach for Spring Break, others are headed to visit the colleges on their wish list,” the accompanying WJHL article said. “Spring Break is becoming a popular time to make those critical visits.”

For high school students looking into the next chapter Healey said, “It can be a stressful…overwhelming time in their life, but we also want to make sure that it is fun, informative and memorable.”

In addition to taking formal tours or attending an open house, Healey recommended prospective students visit one of several “community places” such as the library, residence halls and the student union among several others.

She also recommended for those that have a major in mind to visit those departments and facilities.

“You’ll be spending a lot of your academic days there in addition to the library and residence halls,” so it is important to immerse yourself in those spaces, she added.

Another great way to familiarize yourself with a college is to attend an event, whether that is a game or lecture series, Healey said.

“See what [the college] is really going to be like [if you were to go there],” Healey said.

When it comes to touring colleges, parents play a large role. Healey suggested for parents to allow the student to drive the visit.

“This is going to be where they are living for the next four years, and they really need to find out if it fits,” she said. “It’s their home away from home.”

Over the next few weeks, Healey will also appear on two other North Carolina stations.

On Friday March 10, she will speak on WCNC’s Charlotte Today and again on Tuesday, March 14 on Charlotte-based station, WBTV. 

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