A family affair: Three ways parents can inspire their students’ success

Parents and families, your student is about to embark on an epic journey: college!

In becoming a Bobcat, your student will be exposed to so many experiences and opportunities that will challenge them to grow into the individuals, professionals, and citizens that they are meant to be. 

I am Laura Pell, Director of Career Services, and I am here to provide you and your student with the tools to build a successful career.

Students come to college for so many reasons, but all students leave college being more employable. Even though they are “leaving the nest” and “spreading their wings,” they will still need you there for support and encouragement.

Families play a huge role in the preparation of their students for the working world.  Whether your student is picking a major, landing that internship, or preparing for an important job interview—they call you for guidance! 

You may not have answers to all of their questions, and that is okay. 

I am excited to share these three tips to help families be as encouraging, supportive, and trusting as possible in their student’s career development.

Encourage and challenge your student

With the approaching start of college, your student has taken a huge step in the right direction for their career! Between their coursework and social lives, their day-to-day is going to become super busy. In the midst of all this, encourage your student to get involved outside of the classroom. Part-time jobs, campus involvement, internships, and service work will help your student gain experience relevant to any field and the soft skills that employers are looking for in employees.

Daily words of affirmation go a long way

College comes with many challenges. Stay in touch with your student and let them know that you are here to listen when times get tough. Parents and families know their students so well. Remind your student of their strengths, especially on days where they seem to have forgotten them.

Let your student take the wheel

This is a time when your student is learning a lot about themselves and what they want for their life—trust them to find a career path that is right for them. Whether your student is exploring a major in the arts and humanities, or a major in the STEM field, trust that they will be well prepared for graduate or professional school and a variety of careers. Always remember that—above anything else—their happiness in their chosen major and work will make them the most successful in the long run.

Lastly, please encourage your student to visit Career Services for advice in all areas of their career development. 

While your support and guidance will always be unparalleled, Career Services can provide individual career coaching and resources for discovering their strengths, exploring majors and careers, preparing and applying for jobs, internships, and graduate school, and so much more. 

The earlier students visit Career Services, the sooner we can work together to make the most out of their time in college and get them prepared for life after graduation.
By Laura PellJune 21, 2018
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