Parents, this orientation guide is for you

Orientation is a special time on campus where new students learn more about the college and prepare for the next big chapter in their lives! However, this new chapter isn’t just exclusive to our students—it’s also a new chapter for our parents and families too. Check out this quick guide to get you ready for orientation and this big next step.

Make your orientation even smoother by submitting forms and assessments early.

After registering for orientation, your student received their Lees-McRae email login and information to access the pre-orientation portal. When they log in, they can take placement assessments and upload forms. Completing this before orientation will allow both you and your student to relax a little more knowing you’ve completed everything the college needs before the first day of classes in the fall.

Your student is required to attend, but you are welcome to make this a mountain getaway.

Orientation is mandatory for all new students. While your student might be feeling nervous, even if fully prepared, orientation is their time to get acclimated to campus and get to know the people in the community. Families are welcome to attend some or all of the sessions made available to them! Upon checking in, you will be given a folder with coupons and tickets for some local excursions.

Don’t worry about your student—they’re in great hands!

At the end of the official welcome, you’ll meet the team of exceptional orientation leaders who will guide your student through sessions and activities. These student leaders are not only experts in orientation, but they’re trained to engage the most introverted student, understand students of all identities, and help them to love Lees-McRae!

Let your student have some space.

Orientation is the perfect test environment to build trust and practice expectations with your student. Before you arrive on campus, talk about how often you expect them to check in, whether you’ll eat lunch together, and other details. Let your student start to spread their wings as a warmup to the fall. Throughout orientation, you’ll attend some sessions together, but be separate for others. This allows students to attend presentations that are focused on them and build friendships with peers.

Bring on the questions!

Faculty and staff who are on campus during orientation want to help ease any concerns and answer your questions! We promise, you are not bothering us at all. Check out the Parent and Family Schedule to see when you’ll have time to speak with Career Services, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Athletics, Accessibility Services, and more.

Get to know Lees-McRae and Banner Elk.

As much as we hope that our mountain campus will be a home away from home for your student, we want you to feel like a part of this community as well. During the second day of orientation, take advantage of the “Tour the Town” excursion with the Banner House Museum and visit the local sponsors found in your check-in folder.

Learn more about orientation, including session dates, cost, and some frequently asked questions here
By Hannah FinkelsteinMay 30, 2019
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