Hard work pays off for Wildlife Rehabilitation students at red-tailed hawk release

Throughout the year, students and faculty at the May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center get to see all the time, energy, and hard work they put into rehabilitating their patients pay off as these creatures scurry, fly, and crawl away from them. In this case, goodbyes are not a time for sadness, but rather these releases are a celebration of the injured and orphaned animals who are fortunately returning to their natural habitat.

On Friday, Sept. 15, Wildlife Veterinarian and Associate Professor Amber McNamara, along with a group of Wildlife Rehabilitation students, released a fully rehabilitated red-tailed hawk back into the wild. The hawk, who came in severely malnourished with significant injuries and intestinal parasites, was able to be returned to the wild after a long road through recovery. He was released on South Campus at Grandfather Home.

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Photo by Christian Gardner

May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Releases Hawk on South Campus at Grandfather Home
By Maya JarrellSeptember 25, 2023