Technical Theatre (minor)

The Technical Theatre minor requires a minimum of 19 hours of coursework and a satisfactory completion of Competency Four Technical Theatre. Technical Theatre minors will be required to take the PFA 111 series during all semesters as a minor and Theatre Arts scholarship holders will need to adhere to all Theatre Arts scholarship requirements.

What You'll Study

This interdisciplinary program can be what you want it to be, all based on the foundation of stagecraft, design, and a required internship. Additionally, you’ll have hands-on experience in the Lauritsen Technical Theatre and Design Studio, a custom shop that opened in July 2014 and serves as a working classroom for our technical theatre students.

After Graduation

With a strong background in production and design, graduates can find employment in such diverse areas as technical directing, costume design, set design, technician, special effects, visual effects, and more.

Meet the Faculty

Michael Hannah
Program Coordinator and Professor of Theatre Arts

Scott Koenig
Technical Director for Theatre Arts

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