Peer Allies

Peer Allies are an organization of students dedicated to helping their peers achieve personal wellness and academic excellence.

Peer Allies live in the residence halls and are trained by Counseling Services to provide non-judgmental, positive, confidential peer support. We are also able to provide programs on various wellness, alcohol and drug issues.

The Peer Ally Program will be hosting several events throughout the year. We are here to discuss issues such as alcohol safety, practicing safe sex, eating disorders, time management, academic expectations and help, and overall personal wellness.

Expectations of a Peer Ally

  1. Peer Allies need to maintain a 2.5 GPA.
  2. All Peer Allies must meet expectations for Academic Honesty as outlined in the Lees-McRae Student Handbook. A copy of this handbook can be found here.
  3. Peer Allies must refrain from the illegal use of drugs or alcohol.
  4. Peers Allies must attend mandatory training before the beginning of each semester, which begins typically 2-4 days before the start of fall semester and 1 day before the start of spring semester. More details will be provided at a later date.
  5. Peer Allies attend mandatory weekly/bi-weekly meetings, typically held on Monday evenings. These meetings are very important to the Peer Ally team.
  6. You are able to make being a Peer Ally a responsibility/priority, despite and in conjunction with all other responsibilities you currently have, such as teams, clubs, work, theater, etc.
  7. A limited number of private rooms are available for Peer Allies who live on campus. You are still required to pay normal room and board, but the fee for a private room is waived if you are chosen to receive one. If you are selected to receive one of these rooms, you understand that Peer Allies are placed in rooms and halls where they are deemed most beneficial to other students. Peer Allies are not guaranteed to live in halls they choose. Peer Allies who are provided private rooms understand that having a private room is a responsibility, and not a privilege.
  8. Peer Allies commit to be a participating member of the organization for one academic year.
  9. Peer Allies are, at times, likely to hear information considered confidential. Peer Allies agree to treat such information, and any information shared with them about a particular student, in confidence. Any behavior on the part of a Peer Allies who does not follow this guideline will be removed from the program, required to make and pay for other housing accommodations, and may be subject to a conduct hearing.
  10. Peer Allies should participate in outreach presentations and activities as well as one hall program of your creation each semester. Peer Allies are expected to share responsibilities for outreach activities.


With any questions, please contact Director of Counseling Services Marla Gentile.