Lees-McRae College named no. 2 pet-friendly campus in the country

June 24, 2015

Lees-McRae College was recently named no. 2 on College Raptor’s list of pet-friendly colleges and universities. One of a handful of pet-friendly campuses in the nation, Lees-McRae allows students and their pets to enroll.

Lees-McRae’s pet-friendly policy was established in 2011 and allows second-year students to apply for a pet-friendly room. In addition to allowing pets in select residence halls, faculty and staff members are encouraged to bring their pets to work and many professors will allow students to bring their furry friends to class. Today, more than 24 pets can be found living on campus.

“My dog comes to nearly every class with me and when he doesn't, there is always someone smiling at the door when I get back,” said Melissa Hooper ’17. “Not only does he make me happy, he’s showing me what it takes to be a responsible adult. He’s a comfort, a friend and a teacher all wrapped in one, and I’m so grateful to Lees-McRae for allowing me to have him.”

In April 2014, the College’s pet-friendly campus received national attention when it was featured on Fox 46 based out of Charlotte. After the initial airing, news quickly spread to networks in Philadelphia, St. Louis and Denver.

College Raptor is a college matching platform that allows students and families to make smart decisions when choosing a college. Click here to view College Raptor’s full list of pet-friendly campuses.

For more information about Lees-McRae’s pet-friendly campus, please visit lmc.edu/petfriendly or contact the Office of Admissions at 828.898.5241. 

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