Assistant Dean of Arts and Humanities Robert Turpin talks bicycle history and his book “First Taste of Freedom” on literary podcast

This May, Assistant Dean of Arts and Humanities Robert Turpin sat down with Steve Tarter, the host of the podcast “Read Beat (…and repeat),” to talk about his book “First Taste of Freedom.” On “Read Beat” Tarter picks the brains of authors who have written books on topics he finds personally fascinating and has a desire to learn more about.

In this episode, Tarter and Turpin discuss the topic of Turpin’s 2018 book on the cultural history of bicycle marketing in the United States, “First Taste of Freedom.” From the vehicle’s exciting early days of production to its peak in the 1890s to the way the bike has evolved for today’s modern market, Turpin and Tarter dive deep into the history of the bicycle and the way it has changed American life.

The full podcast is available for free listening on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you listen to your podcasts.

By Maya JarrellMay 26, 2023