Responsible Community


To educate its students and be part of a vibrant citizenry, the college will exemplify stewardship, accountability, and concern. The institution will model a responsible community, creating intentional and meaningful connections with its students, faculty, and staff, and serving as a strong citizen and steward through service and outreach.

Priority Initiatives

  1. Develop a plan for creating competitive salaries for faculty and staff, and address employee housing challenges.

  2. Develop and infuse a diversity, equity, and inclusion ethos at Lees-McRae in proactive ways.

  3. Develop and promote a broad emphasis on wellness on campus.

  4. Expand and promote an appropriate ethos of sustainability on campus and in the community.

  5. Implement an institutional effectiveness process, including the connection of program and unit reviews with these committee processes. 

  6. Assess and improve Information Technology in order to strengthen security and services to students, faculty, and staff.

  7. Develop and inculcate a delineated "aspirant culture" for the college that includes but is not limited to "excellence."
Responsible Community KPI

Central to the success of the strategic plan is regular and recursive assessment, evaluation of the Priority Initiatives and their contributions to the Core Strategies, and the continued transparency of sharing this key information via the college's FactbookTo ensure accountability and optimization, each Priority Initiative will be measured against Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and analyzed for progress towards defined targets. 


    Engagement Metrics

    • Percent of full-time faculty and staff actively engaged in community service activities
    • Percent of students engaged in community service activities
    • Number of seminars, workshops, visiting scholars, and academic presentations

    Sustainability Metrics


    DEI Metrics