Student Experience


To demonstrate fidelity to its mission, the college will focus its resources and work on the education of its students. The student experience will be the foundation for the college’s development and alignment of programs and processes, all aiming to enhance student success, learning, and development.

Priority Initiatives

  1. Develop and implement a best practices model for addressing retention, persistence, graduation, and career placement, achieving a first-to-second year retention rate of 80%, a four-year graduation rate of 65%, a six-year graduation rate of 66%, and a career outcomes rate of 90%.

  2. Implement the inaugural year of the PACE+STEP (Persistence and Completion Experience + Student Transitions and Experiential Planning) programs.

  3. Continue to develop and implement PACE+STEP using guidance from best practices in persistence and completion programming, including High Impact Practices (HIP), alignment of Foundations courses’ student learning outcomes with General Education course expectations, co-curricular learning and living programming, and other programs and services across all areas of the college.

  4. Integrate and align, in accord with other campus initiatives like PACE+STEP and New Student Engagement, a student life cycle conceptual model appropriate for the college.

  5. Conceptualize and implement a best practices student advising program.

  6. Conceptualize and implement co-curricular learning opportunities for students outside the classroom.
Student Experience KPI

Central to the success of the strategic plan is regular and recursive assessment, evaluation of the Priority Initiatives and their contributions to the Core Strategies, and the continued transparency of sharing this key information via the college's Factbook. To ensure accountability and optimization, each Priority Initiative will be measured against Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and analyzed for progress towards defined targets. 


    Student Satisfaction Metrics

    • NSSE
    • FSSE

    Completion Metrics

    • Retention Rate
    • Persistence Rate
    • Graduation Rate

    Career Outcomes Metrics

    • Percent employed
    • Percent enrolled in graduate or professional school
    • Percent not seeking employment/further study

    Advising/Support Metrics

    • Student-to-Faculty Ratio
    • Number and Percent of students seeking academic support services
    • Student attendance rate