Graduate Tuition and Fees

Education is an investment in your future. It should be easy to know the cost of that investment, so we’ve simplified tuition and fees for graduate students. 

Tuition $530 per credit hour
Technology Fee $200 per semester
Flat-rate Textbook Rental Fee $30 per credit hour (subject to change)

The fees above apply to the 2024–25 academic year for all graduate students regardless of modality.
Students should refer to Montibus to view their individual charges and account balance. 

Estimate of Total Costs

Financial Aid is calculated by considering all the expenses a student will have including tuition, fees, housing, food, travel to campus, and personal necessities. All these expenses totaled equal the student's "cost of attendance" budget, which determines the maximum amount of aid a student may receive. 


    Tuition and Fees

    Tuition and Fees (based on 12 credit hours per semester)
    Tuition $9,545
    Technology Fee $400
    Flat-rate Textbook Rental Fee $540
    Total Direct Costs $10,480

    Other Expenses

    Estimate of Other Expenses
    These expense estimates will vary for each student and are for planning and budgetary purposes only.
    Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment $500
    Food Allowance $8,200
    Housing Allowance $11,682
    Transportation Allowance $1,500
    Miscellaneous Personal Expense Allowance $2,952
    Loan Fee Allowance $860
    Total Other Expenses $25,694

    Total Cost of Attendance Budget

    Cost of Attendance Budget
    Tuition and Fees $10,480
    Other Expenses $25,694
    Total Cost of Attendance Budget $36,174

Not all expenses are billed by Lees-McRae College directly, but they are considered by the Office of Financial Aid as expected expenses. "Direct Costs" are items billed by the college directly, including tuition, housing, food, and fees (for residential students). Non-billable items include budget items like travel and miscellaneous expenses.

Additional Fees



    ITEM    COST
    Enrollment Deposit
    (applied to tuition and fees)
    Graduation Fee $200
    Transcript Fee $10

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